My heart is dedicated to fitness, nutrition and being a top competitor.  I am also a successful owner of a large Real Estate Company (AZ & Associates), a Real Estate Investor, a Certified Personal Trainer and most importantly a wife and mother to 2 beautiful girls that see me as their role model. 


I feel it is my purpose to instill proper nutrition as a staple in their lives, as well as everyone I am blessed to share my knowledge and expertise with on a daily basis.  


My life is anything but calm. When clients tell me they are too busy to eat healthy and take care of themselves. I show them what’s inside my travel bag and tell them how I have managed to balance working 60 hour weeks, running a family and earning my I.F.B.B. status because of being prepared. 


When I travel, I use my Voyager Backpack full of my daily meals.  Fitness has truly become part of my life and I advise everyone I encounter to do the same. 


Eating healthy is a lifestyle, not a temporary diet! I don’t believe we have to live in a state of deprivation to be fit; rather we need to have consistency and balance in our day to day eating and exercise routines.  


My history in fitness spans a lifetime.  I have played sports including basketball, softball, and volleyball since I was a child.  During my first year in college at ASU, I realized that weight training was my calling and started developing work outs to transform and shape my physique, at that time, having no idea I would one day compete.  


After years of training, proper nutrition and sculpting my body, in 2012, I decided to take all of my hard work to the stage and entered my first show.   Within 2 years, I had earned my I.F.B.B. Pro Card at the 2014 NPC Universe & Fitness Nationals. 


Words can’t describe my excitement for this achievement of reaching my goal in such a short period of time.  It was a proud moment that I will never forget, however, I am already right back to work, striving to achieve even bigger and better improvements and personal victories in the fitness industry.


With that said, I will be competing at my first Professional Contest at the …in October 2014.  


On a personal level, many would say I am full of energy and live life with enthusiasm.   I developed the marketing slogan “Step Into your Power,” for my Real Estate Company, as that is exactly what I want to inspire others to do with all aspects of my life!  I want to show others they can do and be anything they believe, to never give up or fear stepping out and making your dreams reality!  










I.F.B.B. Professional Figure Competitor



HEIGHT: 5’5 WEIGHT: 118 pounds OFF-Season 130 pounds

HOBBYS: Softball, Organizing and Leading all women’s BOOTCAMPS



2014 NPC Universe Championships Figure Masters Over 35 Class D (1st)


2014 NPC Universe Championships Figure Class D (2nd)


2014 NPC Junior Nationals Figure Class D (4th)


2013 NPC Team Universe Figure Class D (6th)


2013 NPC Junior Nationals Figure Class D (6th)


2013 NPC Junior USA Championships Figure Class D (2nd)